Jugging is the criminal practice of watching for someone leaving an ATM, bank, or place of business with what the criminal believes to be a significant amount of cash. The criminal follows their intended victim until they are alone and robs them. The criminal may watch and follow a potential victim several times to be sure of the route and best place to attempt the robbery.

Ways to stay safe:

  1. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash if possible.
  2. Do not carry cash in your hand where it can be seen or leave cash in your vehicle.
  3. Be watchful for the same person hanging around as you approach and leave the bank or ATM.
  4. Do not exit your vehicle if you feel unsafe.
  5. Call 911 if you think you are being followed.

It is up to you to be vigilant about your personal and financial safety. Utilize this information to protect yourself from jugging.

About the Author:

Chris Watkins, CAMS is VP-BSA Officer and Director of Security at Central National Bank. He is a history buff, enjoys reading and collecting books, and can tell you just about anything you’d ever want to know regarding vintage airplanes (1910’s to 1940’s).

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