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Understanding Primary vs. Secondary Mortgage Options

A mortgage has become synonymous with home financing, but it’s important to understand there’s not just one type of mortgage. In fact, there are many different lending options at your disposal when it comes time to purchase your home, and

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Three things you need to know about ransomware

In the world of online security, trends come and go, and cybercriminals will ride out a trend for as long there’s opportunity to make money. Within the last several months, cybercriminals have been riding a particular type of malware, coined

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Drayton McLane III elected to Central National Bank board

Earlier today, Bill Nesbitt, chairman and CEO of Central National Bank, announced that Drayton McLane III has been elected to the board of directors of Central National Bank and its holding company, CentraBanc Corporation. McLane III, a native of Temple,

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You won’t believe these 10 outrageous security questions

We’re always striving to provide our customers with the latest in security prevention techniques. This isn’t new technology, but when our online banking detects abnormal behavior, it triggers one or more security challenge questions (ex. What’s the name of your

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What Microsoft’s sunset of Windows XP means for XP users

As of April 8th, Microsoft has discontinued support of its Windows XP operating system, a system first introduced more than 12 years ago. This discontinuation of support is commonly referred to as a “sunset” within the technology industry. If you’re

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Three months later, bank dismantles Drone Deposit program

After a much-heralded announcement in late December of 2013 in which bank leaders projected the future use of drones in the retrieval of bank deposits, Central National Bank officials have announced that they are no longer actively pursuing their Drone

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What bankers really think about Presidents’ Day

Happy Presidents’ Day! Oh, what’s that? You didn’t realize Presidents’ Day was approaching? Well, you’re not alone. Over the years, we’ve found that most people, with the exception of bankers, don’t remember that banks close for this seemingly random bank

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How to delete your Web browser’s cookies and cache

Have you ever experienced issues logging into a Web site? Many times, when you call a company’s technical support department, one of the first things they ask you to do is to clear your Internet browser’s cookies and cache. You

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Announcing our 2014 New Year’s resolutions

You might wonder what New Year’s resolutions banks dream up. Or, maybe not. Regardless, we put together a short video where we asked Central National Bank’s Joe Nesbitt and Bryan Fonville to share some exciting developments that may (or may

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A special Columbus Day message

We know that federal holidays have a way of sneaking up on people.  So, as a friendly reminder that we will be closed in observance of Columbus Day on Monday, October 14, we had Central National Bank’s Joe Nesbitt and Bryan Fonville

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